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The benefits of massage have long been proven to aid in physical and mental well-being. Our massage therapists offer a range of styles and techniques including deep tissue, detox and relaxation. Our calming and peaceful therapy rooms provide the perfect environment for you to relax, unwind and gain the full benefits of the treatment. Your massage therapist will carry out a consultation and tailor the treatment to target your specific concerns.

Massage therapists

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I’m Jenna and I’m not your average Beauty Therapist; I will happily pop that pimple on your back that you can’t reach or whip off those hairs on your big toes while your eye lash tint develops and trust me when I say your secrets are safe with me.
I’m Rachel and I specialise in creating eyebrows that are bespoke to you. Whether you have sparse, uneven or non-existent eyebrows I can help give you the brows of your dreams.

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