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The therapeutic healing method of Reiki originates from Japan and is an energy focused technique with benefits that include stress relief and overall well-being. The treatment is performed with a very light touch and can be used to treat the whole body. You may experience the heat of the energy transferring to you whilst you enjoy deep relaxation. Reiki can help in many aspects of your wellbeing including sleep, stress and anxiety.

Reiki therapists

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A Reiki session is usually about an hour but you will continue to feel the benefits after your treatment.

How often you should have Reiki depends on the reason you are having the treatment. If you are unwell or suffering with stress or anxiety then more frequent treatments may be recommended.

You should wear lose and comfortable clothing to your Reiki appointment.

Most people feel relaxed after their Reiki treatment, however some people may experience tiredness, nausea or a headache after the treatment.

After your Reiki treatment it is recommended to take some time to rest rather than do any strenuous or stressful activities. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water, eat healthily and avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol.

Reiki is particularly good for helping reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help those who are unwell.

Massage and Reiki are two different therapies. Massage uses more physical pressure and although it can help free up blocked energy, Reiki has more of a focus on the energy flow in the body. Reiki uses a very light touch and in some cases the therapist won't apply their hands at all.

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