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Why wellness?


Although my background is in beauty, my experience has led me down a more holistic path and whilst I certainly believe that looking good contributes to feeling good, both my personal journey and work experience have led me to understand wellness as a whole. Now, I want to help others learn to value and prioritise their own wellbeing. 

I strongly believe that it’s our own responsibility and no one else’s to take control of our health and wellbeing. For many that means learning to value it in the first place; so very often I see people ignore what their body is trying to tell them, expecting their bodies to run like machines but without taking care of them like so.

Our bodies are more intelligent than any machine, yet often they are mistreated, neglected or left at the bottom of the pile when it comes to self care. Until of course it’s too late, and the body forces one to take notice through burnout, injury or illness. 

Personally I’ve called upon a range of therapies to help me through physical and mental challenges I’ve faced over the years. When it comes to my body, I’m happy to admit I’m a control freak. I like to know what’s going on and if something doesn’t feel right, I’ll seek help from a specialist in that field before things get too out of hand. I’ll make small adjustments to my lifestyle accordingly until I feel like this machine is running smoothly again.

In time, I’d like to think of the Barn as an alternative health service. Where the focus is on prevention of ill health and providing a place where people can focus on themselves and receive support in any aspect of their wellbeing. I want to create a community where wellness is a priority and where people can feel empowered to put themselves first with the knowledge that they are living their healthiest, strongest and best life.  

The Barn is home to a collective of independent practitioners, offering a range of therapies that can help support you in your personal wellbeing journey. Perhaps you are struggling with stress and anxiety, in which case therapies such as Reiki and NLP therapy can help. For your physical wellbeing there are a range of massage techniques that can relieve the effects of stress on the body. And if you are struggling a little with self confidence and would like help feeling more ‘you’, then our range of beauty treatments are a great place to start with learning to love the skin you’re in and more importantly, prioritising self care for you.

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