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Where to find us

We are located at the Lodge Farm Business Centre (Unit 3), on the edge of Castlethorpe Village. The Business Centre is signposted from Wolverton Road, where you will also see two red brick houses. Once you turn into the drive from Wolverton Road you will come down a long driveway and approach a barrier. The barrier will automatically open. If you have a late appointment the next gate may be closed, in which case your therapist will let you know the code. 

The Barn is the first building in front of you as you enter the site, however entrance and parking is to the right side of the building. We are number 3, located at the top of the steps.

Parking – please park in any space numbered 3. If you reverse in, you will be able to see our door and await for your therapist to call you in. 

Please be aware that there are steps up to the Barn. Unfortunately we do not have disabled access. 


Unit 3
Lodge Farm Business Centre
Milton Keynes
MK19 7ES

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